Oh the places you’ll go…


I absolutely LOVE to travel. I will admit I have been spoiled in the sense that I have had opportunities to travel since I was young. My first time on a plane was probably under the age of 2, when I first moved to my home in Minnesota, and again shortly after on a trip to Hawaii, which I unfortunately don’t remember. That being said, while I have never once felt deprived of travel, my passion for experiencing all that the world has to offer started after my freshman year of college during a team trip to Nicaragua. I was amazed by the new environment, excited to speak Spanish, and obsessed with trying new foods. My experience only increased my curiosity of what else there is to see, and from then on I have tried to take every opportunity I can to see the world (even as a college student you CAN find a way!)

If you have the time, feel free to take a peek at the things I have seen, eaten, and experienced on my adventures.