My travel buddy, Andrew, and I are beyond excited for this adventure and can’t wait to share it with you all.

As a lover of Spanish and travel, I am extremely excited for the opportunity to be in Riobamba, Ecuador from January 10th-February 14th to teach English, build relationships with the locals, explore the Andes and Galapagos Islands, and to indulge in what I am sure is AMAZING food! I am also so thankful to have such an awesome friend to travel with!

It is Summer right now in Ecuador and lucky for us, January is the hottest month of the year, though the average temperature is only around 59F (anything is better than the negative temps in Minnesnowta right now)!

I am definitely anticipating this trip to be amazing and full of adventure, but also exhausting. That being said, we will try our best to post as much as possible without being annoying – and without having radio silence for too long! Thanks in advance to everyone who is planning to keep track of us through our blog; we are excited to share this journey with you all! Look below for links to our blog posts.


Photo: Andrew and I in the mountains of Peru (Jan 2016)

To read about our journey, choose from the links below!

Want to see it all? Well, a picture is worth 1000 words (at least)! Click here to see our trip in photographs.

Prep: What to pack?

Day 1: Departure

Day 2: Arrival in Riobamba

Day 4: Baños de Agua Santa

Day 5: The First Weekend

Day 8: Doña Magolita

Week 1 of teaching check- in Here

Day 12: Tour of Quito

Day 18: Trip to Cuenca

Day 20: Climbing Chimborazo

Week 2 of teaching check-in Here

Week 3 of teaching check-in Here