Barcelona, Spain

After listening to Ed Sheeran’s song “Barcelona” probably over 20 times this trip, we finally made it! Unfortunately, we also reached a new laziness low. Once we got in and found our Air BnB stay, we pretty much laid in bed for a few hours sucking up wifi and finally letting our bodies rest (and cool off). The heat was definitely a surprise since it was cooler than Toledo, but more humid, so it felt a lot stickier than we expected. We finally got our butts out of bed for what reason? Obviously to eat! We went over to a local tapas bar and had white sangria, nachos, tortilla española and patatas bravas. Everything was pretty good, though the sangria wasn’t our favorite. After feasting, and barely finishing everything, we headed back to our room and continued to be lazy in bed. I know I know, we really did hit a new low. It was hot, give us a break. 
The next day really wasn’t much better, as I think we’ve finally accepted that after 22 days of walking and sweating profusely we should take it easy every once and a while. So we woke up probably around 8, which was actually probably the earliest we’ve been up without alarms or plans to be up, and then laid in bed on our phones until about 10. Our bad. We did take that time to rehydrate though… and pack. So it wasn’t totally useless? After finally getting up, dressed and packed, we made the 45 minute walk to La Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately being poor, soon to be professional students, we didn’t have the $40 each to go inside. We also really didn’t have the 3 hours to wait in line, but let’s be real, money was the real issue. So we took pictures and admired from the outside before walking around town more. Luckily we had another audio tour (thanks Rick Steves) and we listened to that before heading to the train station. Rock led us to the cathedral, the art institute where Picasso went, the gothic quarters, the Jewish quarters, and the home of queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand who were really the creators of a United and catholic Spain. After our walking tour, we grabbed our bags, stopped at a grocery store for dinner to bring on the train (croissants, candy, and fruit all for the low price of $3.50) and made the long sweaty trip to the station. Of course, we listened to the song Barcelona one last time as we rolled out of the station on to our next destination.

*Pictures coming soon 
Barcelona Highlights

  1. The royal palace
  2. The cathedral
  3. La sagrada familia 

Backpackers Update

  1. As of today (putting aside money for hotels and Versailles in France) I have about 22€ to buy food for the next 3 days
  2. If you didn’t know, were tired. We’re excited to see France, but also really excited to be home with our friends and family (and boyfriend).
  3. We also can’t wait for fruit, vegetables and meat! And yes, it is possible Togo a month in Europe without really having any of those things… impressed?
  4. We are also excited to sleep in our own beds in houses with air conditioning, cold drinking water, and showers 

Next stop: Toulouse


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