Toledo, Spain

Toledo- the city on top of a hill. And oh how wonderful it was to climb up that hill with a 20+ pound backpack and no food in my belly. Can you hear the sarcasm? The walk sucked and was not fun. For those Gustie grads that may (but probably not) be reading, getting to Toledo was like walking up death hill for about 35 minutes. Finally after you’re dead and crawling, you’ve made it. Woohoo. For those normal people out there, it was pretty steep and completely uphill, so you can imagine walking up it for over 30 minutes was painful. My calves were definitely burning. There was a silver lining though- when we checked in, our host so nicely showed us on the map the escalator we went up (he assumed). HAHA. ESCALATOR!? Yep, you heard right, there was an escalator that comes all the way up. Good time people. At least we got our steps in for the day right? Well, now we know. And you bet your ass we went down on the escalator when we left- It’s the small victories.
After braving the hill and checking in, we cooled off a little in the air conditioned room and then went out in search of some sort of fruit or vegetable. After over 3 weeks without basically any, we’ve been craving them lately. We found a local smoothie place and grabbed smoothies for our first meal of the day. They definitely hit the spot and gave us enough energy to walk around. We started out seeing Plaza Zocodover, the main square in the city, surrounded by restaurants, fast food places and other shops with clothes and souvenirs. From here, you could get to the escalators, the Alcazar, shopping, the cathedral, and much more. We set out first for the cathedral. Known for gold leaf, Toledo’s cathedral was full of gold everywhere you looked. While I didn’t pay to go in, Anna did and said it was amazing. Being poor, I peeked in from a different door though it only allowed me to go in about 10 steps into the church. That was enough to see some of the beautiful artistry and golf leafed sculptures and other structures. 
After the cathedral we made our way to the alcazar and the museum. Unfortunately, it seems our luck had run out for the day, because it was closed for the day. Of course the one day we are in Toledo it’s closed! It was a huge bummer, but we survived and instead walked around town more, looking in and out of shops. I also made my way into an art exhibit that was fascinating, showing Toledo in the eyes of a local artist featuring Toledo’s people and also art featuring his beloved mother. After a while we went to find something for dinner and I had some chicken fingers (solomillo in Spain) and Anna had a salad. Can you guess who is healthier out of the two of us? It’s not me. Oops. I figure I can eat healthy when I’m home, right? After we ate, we walked around a little more through town and then found the escalator we so conveniently missed that morning. We went all the way down to see where it came out, and then walked around at the bottom, taking in the town from a different perspective. A little later, after making our way back up to escalators, we grabbed dinner; my dinner consisted of a medium Fanta from mcdonalds and a bag of chips, and Anna’s was a medium Fanta and a milkshake. Solid, right? Eventually we got hot and bored of walking and turned in for the night to pack up and go to bed to get ready for another morning of travel the following day.

Toledo Highlights

  1. It’s very cool that the city is on a hill
  2. The escalator
  3. The Alcazar (even though we didn’t get to see it)
  4. The cathedral 

Backpackers Update

  1. We are officially self diagnosed as exhausted. 
  2. We have also officially worn all of our clothes at least once, yay! 
  3. My Birkenstocks may be cracked in half by the time we get home 

*Pictures coming soon

Next stop: Barcelona  


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