Cordoba, Spain

We got into Cordoba around 3 and made the half hour walk in probably a little under an hour. We get pretty slow with our backpacks, especially in the heat. Once we got to the hotel and relaxed a little with some A/C (woohoo thank the lord), we set out into the heat and walked for a while. We went to the Roman Bridge, which ran into the Calahorra tower museum on the other side of the river, and also saw the puerta del puente. Our time was mostly spent walking and looking at sights on the outside rather than going in, but they were still very cool.

 After a while we grabbed tapas and sangria (obviously) at a local restaurant. We tried salmorejo cordoba, basically a thicker tomato based soup/dip similar to gazpacho but thicker and creamier, topped with egg and jamón ibérico, along with calamari and croquettes of potato and ham. 
After a long night, we got up refreshed and ready to see some stuff (woohoo)! 

The first stop was the Mosque, now a Christian church. The mosque was very big and looked even bigger due to the arches inside all perfectly in line from every direction. They gave the illusion that the mosque went on forever! The architecture is definitely unique and makes this a really interesting place to visit. After the mosque we grabbed lunch; I had risotto with shrimp and a lobster head to get my fill of seafood, and Anna had a salad. After lunch we were disappointed to find that the Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos was closed for the day. So, if you’re traveling abroad, make sure you check the hours in person if you can because sometimes the hours online are wrong! And then you miss out on some cool stuff. Since we couldn’t see the Alcazar, we walked around more along with hanging out in the pension (yay for a/c) before grabbing dinner around 9:30. We have loved tapas, so naturally we got a few new ones to share. We tried jamón ibérico for the first time (cured meat, you see the legs hanging everywhere in Spain!) and it was weird at first, but definitely grew on me! We also had potato croquettes and a little bit of chicken (we are definitely probably a little low on protein and iron at this point, to say the least, since we’ve barely had any meat or vegetables). It was a great last dinner in Cordoba, and we got some free wine out of it too, so what’s better than that?

Cordoba Highlights

  1. Mosque 
  2. Alcazar
  3. Walking around the shops in the city 

Backpackers Update

  1. Someone told me my Spanish was really good, woohoo! Hope it wasn’t just because I bought something from him…
  2. We’ve definitely accepted that the heat is draining a lot of our energy, as we spend a lot more time inside that initially in our trip due to the heat.
  3. We will never take air conditioner for granted
  4. I am so tan my family may not recognize me when they pick me up 
  5. The birkenstocks are still surviving, though unfortunately this will probably be their last trip.

Next Stop: Toledo 


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