Florence, Italy 

Despite what I’ve said in the past, Italy is by far my favorite country. While it has been very hot with the sunny days we’ve been having lately, I can’t complain as we have been able to see a lot of what Florence has to offer. Our two days in Florence were definitely a nice break from carrying our packs around, but they were also full of breath taking sculptures, churches, and more. 

We got in around 6:30 and luckily found our hostel pretty easily. We had a later check in, so we decided to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant. At dinner we shared our first taste of what we were in for this week. We shared a mushroom and tomato risotto along with a pasta with a creamy meat sauce, and sipped on wine as we chatted about our plans for the week. 

We were definitely excited to be in Florence, especially after our wonderful experience in Venice, we just wanted to see more of what Italy has to offer! After check in, we finally got to set down the packs for a bit and enjoy walking around town. We lucked out and our hostel was in a perfect central location, practically right next to the Duomo, the famous church characterized by its giant dome, and it’s large and intricately painted, and sculpted, pink, white and green façade. Our hostel was also minutes away from other sites such as the large shopping streets, which seem to be the state of many European cities, and other historical tourist attractions. 
After a great nights sleep, we set off and started our day with coffee and pastries – we confirmed that breakfast is just as yummy as dinner, with our buttery, cream filled croissants. We decided to start the day with Rick Steve’s city walk so that we could take more time to walk on our own later. He started us at the Duomo and the baptistery which was right behind it, adorned with its copper doors carved with intricately realistic figures showing scenes from the bible. 

After, we went down the shopping streets passing by a large plaza with a large archway above it, viewed a local church, and admired another town square full of sculptures of typical Italian scenes and God’s such as Neptune and his water beasts and other sculptures of Italian heroes like Galileo. After the large street full of sculptures, we went over the famous old bridge, which is lined with expensive jewelry shops, and explored the other side of Florence, equally filled with tourists and locals alike. For lunch we munched on yummy local Italian sandwiches and later had slushies to cool us down before taking a break from the heat for a while. 
After cooling down and recharging for a while, we went out for dinner across the old bridge at a local pasta bar. We shared a spinach and ricotta ravioli and a spaghetti season with pepper and pecorino (goat) cheese. Both dishes were delicious, and we are both loving sharing dishes so we can get two meals for the price of one!

 After dinner we walked to a famous lookout where we watched the sunset for a while, before heading to Pitti Plaza, where there was a free acrobatic show to kick off Florence’s upcoming fashion week! We were so glad that we took the opportunity to see the show because it was incredible. The acrobats did a lot of aerial work that we honestly can’t ever imagine being strong enough to do. The way they lifted themselves and spun and did the splits was so amazing, and their strength was even more insane as we watch them hang on with only a hand or an ankle as they floated meters above us! After the show we walked through the brightly lit, bustling streets of Florence (the only city we have been to so far that has been awake with us at midnight), and made the trek to our hostel where we packed a little to head out for our next stop in the morning! 

Florence Highlights

  1.  Acrobat show
  2. The old bridge
  3. The Duomo 
  4. Sculpture area near the old bridge 

Backpackers Update

  1. We truly are becoming navigation pros
  2.  Our backpacks are definitely getting heavier and not lighter (aka we need to stop buying people gifts)
  3. We’ve accepted that our feet will never stop hurting 
  4.  I can’t feel one side of my big toe and will be selling my Chacos when I return 
  5. We LOVE all things Italy! Let’s be honest I’ve already mentally planned my next trip, even though it probably won’t be for over 10 years.

Nest stop: Cinque Terre 


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