Venice, Italy

As we have progressively moved from towns with Gothic buildings, to Rococo style, Venice is definitely a complete change of scenery with beautiful buildings towering over small walkways and bridges over the numerous canals. We had to carry our packs around all days which kind of sucked, but the views were worth it. So was the cheap Italian leather, woohoo! When we arrived we were amazed by the beautiful water, full of gondolas and sleek speed boats that whizzed by us. Since not much was open in the morning, we took advantage of the cute cafe we found and had a nice breakfast of bread with marmalade, scrambled eggs, juice and friend pancetta along with some coffee to give us a little kick in the butt for the day. After breakfast we made our way through the streets to see Saint Mark’s Basilica, which was crowded and had a crazy line to see inside. While we didn’t have the time to see inside, we can only imagine how breath taking it was after admiring the intricately sculpted and painted exterior. We continued to travel through the various plazas, and walked along the ocean and canals while we sipped on fruity slushies (seriously they were a gift from the Italian Gods on this hot, sunny day), and admired the boats that passed by. We also took the time to admire the shops and restaurants we passed, and even bought a few souvenirs for friends and family and of course our selves. Among a few other sites, we saw the university, A few art galleries and Dogano Point, full of sculptures of mermaids and other sea creatures. Needless to say, I definitely hope to take a trip back here to enjoy a gondola ride, and maybe take a water taxi too!

Venice Highlights

  1.  Puente Dogan
  2. Saint Marks Basilica 
  3. The channels and ocean filled with speed boats, water taxis and gondolas 

  Backpackers Update

  1. Our feet and backs definitely hurt, in addition to the sweat we’ve accumulated on our backs
  2. We are pumped to show off our cute new purses when we get back
  3. We LOVE slushies
  4. All of this walking makes our tummies empty and ready for pasta and seafood over the next 5 days, so that’s always a big win
  5.  We are in desperate need of a few pedicures when we get back and are open to offers from anyone including strangers who may be reading and want to help a few poor students. Also accepting offers from boyfriends, friends, or mom and dad. We love you all so much.
  6. In all seriousness, we love and miss all the wonderful people in our lives and if we could, we would have brought you all with in our suit cases. Much love. 

Next stop: Florence


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