Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich was definitely a nice needed rest after completing a full week of travel. While we weren’t there long enough to really be “wowed” by the country, we definitely felt that way when we saw the prices! Most restaurants had an average price of $30 for their dishes which was definitely not quite in our budget. Luckily, our small apartment for the night was equipped with a kitchen which was fun experience for a night. Anna and I found a close food coop and picked up some food for dinner and breakfast and spend the night cooking dinner, watching Transformers in German, and recharging for a long day of walking with our packs that was to follow. 
After sleeping in and eating a heart homemade breakfast of scrambled eggs with beef and Gruyere cheese, we made our way over to the old town in Zurich with our packs (apparently it takes longer than a week to get used to carrying a 35 pound backpack around for hours everyday). While many of the other European cities we’ve been in have had an old historic feel, Zurich’s  old town definitely felt more like a large outdoor mall among churches across the other side of the river. Even so, it was still fun to Rome the streets, enjoy the view and people watch front a few park benches, and dance to the music while watching the big gay pride parade that took place that day. Eventually, we stopped into a restaurant for lunch and finally got to enjoy on the the three great foods that Switzerland has to offer: Raclette. Raclette is a type of cheese that is flavored with different things such as wine, garlic, and other cheeses, that is then melted and poured over vegetables like potatoes, or over cubes of bread. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try the other “Swiss treats” chocolate and fondue, but the Raclette was definitely delicious! After our meal, we also got lucky and had some free ice cream from a shop that was having its grand opening across the street. HUGE. SCORE. Especially on a hot day! After a long day of exploring the small stone paved streets, we hopped on a train to Milan, Italy where we stayed for the night before our next stop! The train ride out of Zurich allowed us to see a different side of Switzerland; we rode along side the clear ice blue water and it was absolutely gorgeous, we couldn’t feel our eyes away! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy Milan, but we did have time to enjoy pizza the size of our heads before we hit the hay for the night so we could catch an early train to our next stop…

Zurich Highlights

  1.  Raclette
  2. The old town
  3. We would have loved to go to the alps if we had had more time

Backpackers Update

  1. We finally had some good protein with our egg and beef filled breakfasts! Thanks mom and dad for teaching us to cook for ourselves. 
  2. Our feet and backs hurt, but at least we got to shower, yay!
  3. We both also successfully finished our own large bags of potato chips, good thing we’re walking right?
  4.  After watching Transformers in German, we still only know the same 3 words we did before watching the movie.

Next stop: Venice


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