Vienna, Austria

Arriving to Vienna was definitely a little smoother than other transitions, but were were still pressed on time as we have been for many of our stops so far. When we planned we really wanted to see a lot of Italy and Spain and that is where we spend almost half of our trip. The other 2 weeks or so were split between Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and France. Even though our time was minimal we made the best of the time we did have a spent all day exploring the old town and the main square in Vienna. We listened to another audio tour by Rick Steves as he took us from destination to destination around the main city center. Similar to Munich, the main area was filled with churches and a huge amount of shopping. Store, both old and new, lined the streets amongst food stands, churches, restaurants and souvenir shops. Also similar to in Munich, and most of the other places we have visited so far 

We started our day at a small cafe near our Air BNB apartment for the night. The cafe was suggested by our host and while it was a little more expensive than we wanted, we were starving and decided to give it a try. We splurged a little and each got Wiener schnitzel accompanied by a vinegar based potato salad, all of which was delicious and a great way to prep us for the day ahead. As Austria is also know as the birthplace of Mozart, there were a lot of shops with Mozart themes sporting mini violins, and different musical-themed items. We started our day walking around and familiarizing our selves with the area. Amongst the stores and churches, we visited the opera house, the world famous riding school, and the famous Mozart Cafe. We also took the time to walk through a few beautiful gardens adorned with fountains and benches for taking in the sites. One thing that was really cool was that the world famous Spanish riding school was once the hofburg palace. The building definitely looks like it was once a palace as it spans the strings and commands your attention with beautifully carved statues and intricate designs everywhere you look.
For dinner, after walking for quite a while, we finally gave in to our kebab cravings and ordered a plate to share along with some white wine. After dinner we walked around a little more, going in and out of stores, and then settled in to the Cafe Mozart for some coffee and an apfelstruedel (apple strudel) with ice cream. It was basically apple pie filling with raisins wrapped in filo dough, rather than a pie crust and it was pretty yummy! After we finished filling our bellies once more, we walked and talked about the day and finally found our way back to our apartment. Full of food, and lots of historical information about Vienna, we headed straight to bed to get ready for he next adventure!

Vienna Highlights

  1. Kebabs
  2. Exploring the city center 
  3. Gardens near the Soanish riding school
  4. opera house 

Backpackers Update

  1. We’re glad we haven’t had to wear our backpacks around during the day
  2. kebabs are life
  3. Austria is definitely a beautiful and perfect city 
  4. Anna’s blisters are almost gone
  5. Gone are the days of eating twizzlers for dinner (we hope)

Next stop: Salzburg


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