Prague, Czech Republic

Prague definitely threw a few mini curve ball at us during our short 2 day stay. From missing a train on our way there and getting to the hotel after midnight using map screenshots to taking out unnecessary amounts of money in crowns because we didn’t know the exchange rate (we had no internet, rookie mistake, we know) we somehow managed to get it together and enjoy ourselves. We stayed at Hostel Emma, on the 4th floor (which was great after walking all day), in a room that somewhat reminded Anna of a jail cell, but luckily luckily it’s only purpose was for sleeping. After getting in late our first night, we somehow managed to get up early and grab an amazing and much needed breakfast at cafe libercat. We chowed down on some deliciously rich eggs Benedict and sipped on too many lattes (we took out a lot of money and needed change, two birds with one stone) before heading to Charles bridge. 

The bridge was definitely busy and bustling with tourists everywhere taking photos with the many beautiful statues, and looking at crafts and other goods that were being sold. The streets after the bridge were no different; shops and restaurants lined the sidewalk and people all around us were indulging in trdelnik, a yummy Czech treat which Anna and I also enjoyed at the end of the day. Our first stop was the Prague Castle (prazsky hrad). Admission was $7 (thank you student ID) and it was definitely worth every penny. With our admission tickets we were able to see the old royal palace, the basilica of st George, the powder tower, and st. Vitus’s cathedral. Amidst the historical landmarks we also saw a few old jails and torture chambers which were equally interesting!

After our tour of the Prague castle and many other sites, we enjoyed trdelnik says we headed to the old town. In the old town we enjoyed a show in the town square by “Sven from Sweden” and then we just walked around and explored a little. Around about 6:30 we made it back to the hotel to refresh before heading to dinner at a traditional Czech restaurant. Both Anna and I tried out a traditional Czech dish, beef filet with cream sauce and dumplings, and also indulged in a beer and a cider (when in Europe, right?). The dish came garnished with a lemon topped with whipped cream and cranberry sauce and definitely reminded me of thanksgiving dinner. Not my favorite thing so far, but also not bad by any means. The meal filled us up and was a great way to end a full day of walking around. 

Somehow we managed to do everything we wanted to in the first day, so we got up bright and early on Monday morning, checked out of our hostel, grabbed breakfast at a local cafe and made our way to the train station to continue our adventure elsewhere after a nice crowded train ride.

Prague Highlights

  1. Prague Castle complete tour(Circuit A)
  2. Trdelnik 
  3. Cafe Libercat

Backpackers update

  1. Our feet still hurt
  2. Anna’s foot is covered in bandwidth and moleskin
  3. Somehow my backpack is getting lighter yet heavier at the same time 
  4. We figure were walking so much we get to eat double which is a huge plus 
  5. We ate pull-n-peel twizzlers for dinner night 1 in Prague and somehow survived
  6. I haven’t showered in almost three days. Send help. Or a towel. 

Next stop: Munich


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