Heidelberg, Germany

Our first stop on our tour of Europe was Heidelburg, Germany. Unfortunately we were only there for one night, but we took advantage of the time we had. We arrived in Frankfurt around 2 pm on Friday and it was definitely an interesting start. We had no internet and though we had screenshots on a map and directions to out hostel, we didn’t know where we were starting from and got a little off track. After finally finding signs for “Alstadt”, the old town, we finally stumbled upon out hostel, Lotte – the backpackers. After what we hate to admit was probably about 1.5 hrs (the trip only took about half of that when we actually knew where we were going), we were hot and sweaty and definitely exhausted. Luckily, we didn’t let that stop us from exploring our first stop!


Lotte – The Backpackers
Rhamschnitzel with cream sauce and spätzle

After getting settled and finally putting down our bags, we set out to find food and beer (of course). We scarfed down a delicious plate of  rhamschnitzel and spätzle, a dish consisting of pork with a cream sauce and German noodles, and a nice cold beer. After dinner we explored the old town a little more. The town is straight out of a fairytail, the buildings colorful and unique, the Heidelberg castle, or Schloss built in the 1400s, visible on the hillside overlooking the town. We walked along the stone streets lined with stores, cafes, bakeries, and plenty of gelato shops, and made our way over to the river walk. Amongst the many restaurants I was shocked to see 3 Korean restaurants in the little town and I am still impressed with myself for resisting the urge to stop in at least one! We also found ourselves a little envious of the groups of people who had taken wine and pizza for a picnic on the hill across the river. How glorious it would be to be able to walk around with a nice glass of wine in Minneapolis! After our walk around town we were completely exhausted and turned in for the night so we could start our day nice and early on Saturday. Luckily having a flight at 9pm  the night before kept us from really feeling jet lagged, but it still left us pretty tired.

After a nice long, somewhat sweaty, night we were up bright and early to start the day before another afternoon of travel. We settled on a cute cafe for cappuccinos and a light breakfast before making our way up to the Heidelberg castle. The walkway to the castle was right behind our hostel and was a pretty quick 10 minutes, though we found ourselves pretty out of breathe as we climbed the hill up. Long story short, we aren’t as in shape as we thought.  The beautiful ruins of the castle also left out out of breath. While the castle was obviously in pretty rough shape after the war with France, the ruins still gave a glimpse to how gorgeous and truly magnificent the castle once was. After our castle tour, we explored the palace grounds for a while and made our way down to the old town where we tried our first bratwursts before heading back to the train station! 

Our first bratwurst and rote west experience in Germany
Statue on the bridge
Heidelberg Castle from the courtyard

Heidelberg Highlights

  1. Alstadt
  2. Schnitzel
  3. Romwurst (spicy beef sausage)
  4. Heidelberg castle 

Backpackers Update

  1. Our backs are less sore than they were day 1
  2. We are still out of shape
  3. Anna has blisters on almost every toe
  4. Haley wishes she had tried some German Korean food

Next stop: Prague! 


One thought on “Heidelberg, Germany

  1. John Z

    I hope you guys have an amazing trip. This is a chance of a life time for many. Seeing the castle and schnitzel reminds me of our time in Germany with your mom.

    Liked by 1 person

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