Planning for Success

To say I am excited to spend 27 days in Europe is definitely an understatement – I am totally and completely ECSTATIC and excited beyond words! Amidst the excitement, Anna, my travel buddy, and I have been planning a lot for our trip. To be honest though, while I am definitely a lover of planning, I definitely get bored looking up hostels and trains (basically all of the important things) for hours.

I know, I know, traveling to Europe is supposed to be spontaneous, and you are just supposed to “go with the flow,” but we definitely feel like we need to be somewhat prepared during this trip. Preparation is important not only for our safety, but also to keep us on track with our plan! Gotta have a plan and stick to it to hit 7 countries in less than a month! Also, this is the first time either of us have actually travelled solo without any help from anyone else, so we want to make sure we have all of our bases covered, at least the first time around!

So, what are we planning? Well, unlike Anna’s brother who took a similar trip a few years ago, we don’t really have the luxury of feeling totally safe sleeping in train stations or on the street, so we booked basically all of our sleeping accommodations for the month. This is definitely the biggest thing that will keep us on track so we don’t get stuck too long in one place. That being said though, if we really love it somewhere, we definitely want to acknowledge that and will change our plans accordingly, but we want to be prepared regardless. In terms of staying places, we are staying in a variety of hostels in Europe, along with taking advantage of Air BNB in a few countries that had crazy expensive hostels. We are also staying in Villa Trapp for a night as Anna is a big Sound of Music lover, yay for Austria! Aside from hostels, we also booked a few of our trains. Unlike with sleeping, this is a little more relaxed, so we really only booked the ones that were super important like our ride from the airport and into Heidelburg, and our train to get to Cinque Terra in Italy.

Of course, I can’t stop without letting saying where we’re going, so here are some of the  places we hope to visit over the course of our adventure!

  • Germany
    • Heidelburg castle ruins
    • Neuschwanstein castle
  • Czech Republic
    • Prague castle
    • Old town square
    • Jirak farmers market
    • Church of bones
  • Austria
    • Mirabell gardens
    • Mozart’s home
    • Old town
    • Hellbrunn palace and trick fountains
  • Switzerland
    • Alstadt
  • Italy
    • St. Marks square
    • Cinque Terre
    • Trevi Fountain
    • Catacombs
    • Sistine Chapel
  • Spain
    • Beaches
    • Cathedral
    • La Sagrada Familia
    • Alcazar
    • Bull fighting ring
  • France
    • Eiffel Tower
    • Jardin Japonese
    • Canal du midi