Home Sweet Home

After being back at home for 2 weeks, it’s strange to get back into the swing of things. I am also finally starting to feel like I am actually done with college now that my friends are all in class and I am not. I definitely just finished unpacking (oops) and I still have little trinkets that I need to find places for. It is still hard to believe that a week ago I was in the rain forest, riding down Puyo River in a canoe.

I can definitely say that going to Ecuador was an eye-opening adventure. I learned a lot about myself, made so many unforgettable relationships, improved my Spanish, and was away from home for longer than I ever have been. One of the main things I learned was that teaching is definitely not for me. I absolutely love kids and I do love to teach, but being in a classroom everyday is not the route I see myself going towards – I’ve always secretly been a little scared that I would teach abroad and then decided to never go back home – now I have validation that my class room with hopefully be in a hospital somewhere, with patients as my students. Another things I realized was that I am definitely someone who likes having people around. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely need my alone time, but there were definitely times at my house where I got really sad being home alone. Maybe it was the fact that I was in a foreign country and didn’t really have anywhere to go, but I’m definitely not one for being isolated.

The last thing I learned, not that I didn’t know it already, was that I absolutely love to travel. There are so many positive things about traveling that make it so amazing – new cultures, new people, learning new languages, adventure, and of course the food! All of these things made my experience in Ecuador unforgettable, and they are the things I enjoy most about travel.

I am glad to be home, but I definitely have caught (and will probably never get rid of) the travel bug. I am so glad that I am in a position where I can get these experiences now, especially before 4 years of medical school and even more years of training after. While I will definitely try and travel as much as possible (time and money permitting), I am so happy that I have this time off for some adventure.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read about my thoughts and adventures! Hopefully there will be some more excitement and travel in the near future. Stay tuned for my trip to Europe in June!




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