The Final Countdown

It has definitely been a wild ride here in Ecuador. We have been here for 4 weeks now teaching in the school, getting used to life with our host families, and even exploring a little bit.

The last week at school was definitely a great one. I have gotten to know most of my students well and being greeted with hugs is always awesome. Andrew and I also continued to start the mornings by running Brain Gym and we have definitely seen SO much improvement in the students. This week with my fourth grade class I also got to try my hand at making some traditional Ecuadorian dishes: Quimbolitos and Humitas. It was definitely a messy experience with 10 4th graders, but I am excited to try to make these dishes at home for my family when I get back!

Just like during the first week, this last week was full of every emotion possible. We have been extremely happy because of the students and their excitement in the classroom, we have missed our friends and family at home, and we have definitely felt sad knowing our time at school, and with out families, is coming to an end. We truly can’t believe that we are down to only about week more in this amazing country! The hardest part this week was definitely getting hugs from students sad to see us go.

After a long but great week at school, the “International Country Food Fair” at school on Friday was definitely the best way we could have imagined ending our time at school. The students had been working towards this day for a while and it was definitely a huge success! Each class of students from grades 5-8 represented a different country, including Spain, Switzerland, Mexico and Italy. The students all made different dished from their representative country to share with the other students and teachers in the school and they all had an introduction on their dish and their country to say in English. It was very fun to listen to the students talk about their dishes and even more fun to hear how much their English had improved over the past couple weeks. They are also definitely lucky to have such an AWESOME and passionate English teacher here already who has clearly helped the students succeed and improve every day. The International Country Food Fair was a huge success and a great way to end our month at school! It was a fun day of celebration, food and laughs that I will definitely always remember. We went home from school happy, and definitely full – but also sad knowing our time with the kids was coming to an end (luckily we will get to see the kids one more time to say goodbye before we make our trip home).

This Friday may have marked the end of teaching at San Ignacio School, but it was definitely not the end of our relationships with our students and the teachers we had the pleasure of working with. Additionally, we are very hopeful that future Gustavus students will get to have the same experiences we have had here in the near future!


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