Life’s a Beach.


Andrew and I were definitely excited for a little adventure  after 4 weeks of teaching, so we happily packed our bags  after school on Friday. We were making the drive to Guayaquil and Playas. As the name implies, we were headed to the beach! We spent Friday in the car, but even that was breathtaking. As Riobamba is in the middle of the country, to get o the coast requires drive through (or over) the Andes. During the drive we were surrounded by everything green and beautiful and it was amazing to drive up the mountains and then down the other side. Yes, though beautiful the drive was still tiring, and we all slept our fair share of the time, but it was definitely worth it to wake up Saturday and spend all day swimming at the beach.

The sun was shining, it was definitely hot out, but the water of the Pacific was warm and just what we needed to relax. This weekend was also exciting for me because I finally got to meet the rest of Andrew’s host family! They have 5 kids, the youngest 3 attending San Ignacio. Meeting and hanging out with the older two was so fun and a great way to work on my Spanish (and help them with their English)! We all hung out on the beach, Andrew and I spent most of our time floating in the water, and we ended the day watching the sunset on the beach with the whole family. It was definitely the perfect way to spend our Saturday. And naturally, since Saturday went so well, we spend Sunday doing it all over again! I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend the beginning of our week than at the beach, in the water and eating the best seafood  with a perfect view.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, so on Monday we made the long trek back to Riobamba. We were all definitely exhausted from our weekend in the sun but even the car ride back was a blast. On our way back home we stopped in Guayaquil aka the “Pearl” of Ecuador to visit their beautiful ferris wheel and eat lunch. We took a ride on the ferris wheel, which had a beautiful view, and then ate an amazing lunch of steak and fries. Definitely a delicious meal after a weekend of seafood. The sangria was also delicious and perfect with the meal! After lunch we packed up again and started the 5.5 hr drive back to Riobamba.

This weekend was definitely just one example of the beauty that Ecuador has to offer, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to travel and experience the country and its culture. We definitely got so lucky with this opportunity and even luckier with the amazing host families we were paired with. Teaching has been amazing, but I am really happy to have this week off, not just to explore, but to spend more time with my host family. They have truly treated me as part of their family and I have definitely not gotten to spend enough time with them! 

Luckily our host moms double as awesome tour guides, so we have a week of adventures ahead! We rested Tuesday, went to Quilotoa on Wednesday, La Nariz del Diablo Thursday and we will be traveling to the amazon this weekend for our last hoorah!

Stay tuned for more posts on our travels!


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