The First Weekend

Pase del niño de Chimborazo “parade”

Today after sleeping in until almost noon (our trip to Baños was exhausting), our host families took us out to experience a real Ecuadorian celebration! We started out at a beautiful park surrounded by beautiful buildings like the church and the Mayor’s office. The church was rebuilt after an earthquake which destroyed it using its original peices!

After looking around the park, we got ice cream and waited for the parade to begin! Once it started we were absolutely amazed. Several provinces and even other countries took part in the parade, each having their own costumes and unique dances. The parade was long ( 2 hours) but it was absolutely breath taking to see all of the dances put on by people of the country. The music was loud, and the streets were surrounded by locals and tourists, excited to watch the parade!


Family Lunch Ft. Congrejos! (Crabs)

After a long night out for Pase Del Niño, we slept in and were excited to get to have lunch together with our host families (our host moms are sisters)! What we didn’t know, was that the ENTIRE family was coming. All of a sudden, I went into the kitchen and all of my host mom’s sisters and their families, and her mom, were there! There were kids running around all day, playing and swimming in the pool.That being said, it was fun to meet everyone and to enjoy an amazing lunch of A TON of crab! It was definitely a task to get the meat out of the little guys, but it was absolutely delicious. We even learned how to properly take apart the head so we could use it as a bowl and eat the meat (not my favorite part, but it was good)!

Stay tuned for more adventures!


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