Baños de Agua Santa

Today has definitely been the best day we have had here so far! We met the teachers and students at the school yesterday (which was overwhelming to say the least), and today we are going on a field trip! Let us set the scene for you a little bit with a little story about Taiti Chimborazo and Mama Tungurahua…

Taiti Chimborazo and Mama Tungurahua are two volcanos that live in the beautiful city of Baños de agua santa (aka Baños). Taiti Chimborazo is the biggest volcano in Ecuador, its peak being the highest point in the world from the center of the earth. Unfortunately, Mama Tungurahua was very jealous of Taiti Chimborazo because of its size. She got so jealous, that one day she decided to erupt!

Spending the day in Baños was amazing! We rode the bus there from the school and even the sights on the way there were breath taking as we were surrounded by the mountains the entire way there.

-On a side note, I made a friend on the bus! One of the first grade students at the school. We sat together on the bus and to make things even more exciting, she told me she didn’t feel good and all of a sudden…. she puked. We were about 5 minutes away. Luckily, that was the worst part of the day as the rest of it was amazing! And my little buddy and I were still inseperable.-

Once we got to Baños, we went to 2 schools so the students could present their presentations of 3 stories: a puppet show, the Wizard of Oz, and Pinochio! Their theater project was amazing and the kids at the schools they presented them at absolutely loved them!

In between shows, we stopped on different parts of the mountain to see some of the 7 water falls in the city! All of them were absolutely gorgeous. The best part of the day though was definitely going to  Pailón del Diablo (pit of hell/the devil)! We took a nice long hike there and once we got there, we walked up right next to the falls, almost up to the top and even went under them! We even had to crawl through a small little “tunnel” in the mountain to get to the highest part. It was definitely the best part of our trip so far!

Of course, I can’t stop without talking about food yet…We had lunch before we left and it was yummy! Lunch started out with quinoa soup with potato and beef (I have noticed that often times, meals start with sop and then they have another dish after). The second dish was chicken with rice, beans, and fried potatoes. We also have fresh juice for every meal (except breakfast, then we have hot chocolate) which is definitely a perk! On the way back, we also stopped a few times and we got to try a few different treats including: sugar cane, sugar cane juice, and corn tortillas filled with cheese!


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