Onward! To Ecuador!

It’s day one, and we were up early (or late depending on if you’re normally asleep by 2:30 am) and ready to go! We’re at the Miami airport now and are pretty nervous and excited about the next 5 weeks.

We started the morning once we arrived in Miami with Starbucks for breakfast, and explored the airport a little. It’s huge! It’s easy enough to navigate though so we found a spot to hang out and do some research on our final destination.

Here are a few fun facts:

  1. Quito is the capital of Ecuador -this is where we fly into!
  2. After some research, we are hoping to try Sopa de Queso, a chicken based soup with cheese, noodles and potatoes.
  3. Riobamba is in central Ecuador, surrounded by the Andes
  4. The Galapagos Islands are just a plane ride away from Quito and Guayaquil
  5. The currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar
  6. Riobamba is home to many museums and markets as well as opportunities for hiking
  7. Most of the Alpaca products are fake (we will be investigating this one more later)!
  8. The summit of Chimborazo, a volcano in Ecuador, is the highest point on Earth if you measure from the center of the Earth.
  9. We may or may not experience a few earthquakes during our stay
  10. Popular foods in the mountainous regions of Ecuador include pork, beef, chicken and cuy (GUINEA PIG)!

We hope you will all continue to read about our journey!

-Adios! H&A


2 thoughts on “Onward! To Ecuador!

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  2. Debra Pitton

    I am so excited that you are in Ecuador!!! You are staying with the families I connected with when I was there – so you are in good hands! Keep us posted on your adventures an your work in the school!


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